Steers scheduled for harvest weigh approximately 1000 lbs.
When purchasing a whole or side of beef, you pay $2.60 per pound hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the meat after slaughter. Hanging weight of a whole steer is approximately 500 to 600 pounds and 250 to 300 lbs for a side. You also pay a processing fee to the USDA packaging plant. This fee varies depending on how much bone is removed and the type of wrap used. Fees are approximately $200 for a side and $400 for a whole beef.
If you choose to have most of the cuts without bone, the weight of the meat for your freezer will become significantly less than hanging weight.
Pricing example:
Whole: hanging weight 550 lbs @ $2.60 = $1430 plus processing fee
Side: hanging weight 275 lbs @ $2.60 = $715 plus processing fee.
Individual cuts (frozen) can be purchased at our farm store.
Not all cuts are always available. We do not accept credit cards.

2019  price list per pound

Filet Mignon 18
Porterhouse 13
T-bone steak 13
Bovina Strip 13
Rib Steak 13
Sirloin Steak 10
Flat iron steak 10
Hanger steak 10
Flank steak 10
Skirt steak 10
Top round steak 5
Minute steak 5
Chuck Eye steak 5.25
Chuck steak 4
Top Round London broil 5.50

Ground beef (we call it Beltie Burger) 5.75

All Beef Hot dogs 10

Beef Kabobs/Stew 6
Brisket 6
Short ribs 4
Beef shanks 5
Oxtail 5
Roasts 5 (Bottom Round, Top Round, Boneless Shoulder, Sirloin tip, Eye of Round)
Tongue 4

Heart 3.50

Liver 3.50

Soup bones $4 bag

Suet $2 bag


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