Semen available for sale

MARBEN'S LOCHINVAR 7691B, sire Aldemere Berk 7691B, dam Marben's Belles (AI) 9788.
$40 per unit, 5 unit minimum. No charge for Semen Certificates.
click here for pedigree
click here for pedigree
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Above: Lochinvar
SEEFELD NERO 6845B, sire The Farrm Andy 4475, dam Ponderosa Olivia 8600. Co-owned with
Seefeld Farm. Actual birth wt. 75; 205-day weaning wt. 536; yearling wt. 893; ADG 2.24. Calves' average birth weight 76 pounds.
$25 per straw, 5 straws minimum, plus shipping and handling from North American Breeders, or may be picked up at Bramley Mtn. Farm, Bovina Center, NY. No charge for Semen Certificates.
click here for pedigree
click here for pedigree
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Above: Nero
Below: Bramley Mountain Farm Senior and Junior Herd Sires
Above: Southdown Profit 8P (AI) #(USD) 9693-B
Bramley Mountain Farm Senior Herd Sire
Very beefy and extremely calm
Dirigo Dallas son from Aldemere Ronda cow


Above: Seefeld Blueberry (AI) #(USD) 35583-B

Bramley Mountain Farm Junior Herd Sire
Sire by the British Red Bull Mochrum Huckleberry and from a Northfield Donald daughter Seefeld Donald's Best (AI) 22050-B Great deep body and large testes

Cows for sale

Below:  #15B  Birgen  daughter of Southdown Profit  dob 6-13-14

Reg. # 38316B

Below:   #55B Bly  daughter of Lochinvar  dob 4-29-14

Reg. # 38309B

Below:   Bona  duaghter of Southdown Profit  dob 4-23-14

Reg. # 38307B

Below:   56B  Bleu daughter of Southdown Profit  dob 4-8-14

Reg. # 38311B

Below:  #3 Bo  daughter of Southdown Profit dob 6-2014

Reg. # 38315B

Below:  Beri daughter of Southdown Profit dob 4-2014

Reg. # 38305B

Below:  Beardy  daughter of Lochinvar bred to Southdown Profit

dob 5-2012

Reg. # 35357B

Below:  14B Adelle  bred to Southdown Profit 

Reg. # 36878B

dob 5-2013

Below:  Yovla  gr-dtr of Lochinvar  bred to Southdown Profit

Reg. # 34208B

dob 8-2011

Below: Boo  daughter of Lochinvar

Reg. # 35352B

dob 7-2012

Below:  Beverly  daughter of Lochinvar

Reg. # 35351B

dob 5-2012

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