Bramley Mountain Farm raises Belted Galloway beef cattle, from birth to harvest, in our pastures on the farm in Bovina Center.
The Belted Galloway Breed (Belties) developed during the 16th century in the former Galloway district of Scotland. Belted Galloways were first imported to North America in 1939. Belties have a double coat of hair, rather than a layer of back fat most breeds require, that provides warmth in the harsh Delaware County winter months.
Belted Galloways produce exceptionally lean, flavorful and high quality meat. We don't use hormones, antibiotics or feed any animal by-products. Their diet consists of grass during the pasture season and home grown dry and fermented hay in the winter months. Steers or heifers scheduled for harvest are finished with whole corn or upon request finished with only grass.
Harvesting is done at a federally inspected slaughter house, where the carcass is dry aged for 10 to 14 days then cut wrapped and flash frozen.
We sell whole and sides of beef
Individual cuts are available at the farm.
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